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Battery Technology

Stereax™ Battery Technology

Stereax™ Diagram

Ilika’s Stereax™ battery technology is the first solid state battery designed for the specific needs of the IoT space. Ilika’s Stereax™ battery technology IP family offers compelling advantages over conventional lithium ion batteries, including: smaller footprint, faster charging, longer life span, low leakage and reduced flammability.

The Ilika Stereax™ roadmap focuses on three main battery requirements: miniaturisation, capacity in a small footprint and increased performance. The miniaturisation roadmap looks at increasingly smaller footprints at smaller currents (µAh), making them ideal for small sensor driven devices. The capacity roadmap increases the amount of energy for a given active footprint by utilising Ilika’s patented stacking feature, which allows multiple cells to be stacked on top of one another. The performance roadmap focuses on higher energy density solutions that have additional requirements such as extended temperature range support.

The Stereax™ M250 is the first battery which is available for licensing. Ilika has taken the solid state battery concept to the next level of evolution with its expertise in material development. Ilika Stereax™ batteries use patented materials and processes enabling superior energy density per battery footprint, up to 40% improvement on current solid state solutions, and increased temperature range support to over 100°C, 30°C higher than existing solid state products.

Battery Technology

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