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IoT – Moving to the Next Stage of Evolution

Posted by Denis Pasero, Product Commercialisation Manager on 1st December 2017

IoT has come a long way and is now moving onto the next stage of its evolution - building on the innovation and bringing all these smart pieces together to offer more comprehensive information.  However, the IoT area features[..]

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Industrial sensors powered by Stereax solid state batteries

Posted by Denis Pasero, Product Commercialisation Manager on 24th November 2017

One of our Frequently Asked Questions is “What can micro-batteries, with capacities below 1 mAh, actually power?”. The answer comes from the careful calculations of the energy budget, the use of now commercially-available ultra-low power components and the combination[..]

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Stereax® Prototype Production

Posted by Dr. Denis Pasero on 18th October 2017

In this new Ilika video, I got the chance to get out of the office and spend the afternoon with my friends and colleagues at the Stereax® Development Line. This equipment produces Ilika’s solid state batteries and[..]

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Enabling Industry 4.0 with Solid State Batteries

Posted by Denis Pasero on 2nd October 2017

Industry 4.0 (or the Industrial Internet of Things) is changing the way industry works with a connected ecosystem of IoT devices working autonomously to provide real-time data. These changes will affect all areas of the factory and supply chain enabling companies[..]

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Wireless Medical Devices: The Future of Healthcare Technology

Posted by Denis Pasero on 11th September 2017

Wireless Medical Devices: The Future of Healthcare TechnologyThe benefits of advancements in wireless medical technologies are well documented. The U.S Department of Health and Human Services and the World Health Organisation have written extensively on MedTech and the[..]

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