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Creating a perpetual beacon using Stereax™ M250 battery technology

Posted by Denis Pasero on 11th July 2016

As IoT devices become utilised across a wider range of locations from smart homes, industrial settings, offices and farming locations, the ability to fit the device and then not to have to worry about maintenance and battery changing becomes more[..]

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Internet of Farms – IoT improving productivity in Agriculture

Posted by Dr. Denis Pasero on 21st June 2016

Large scale agriculture can present perhaps one of the best business cases for IoT devices. IoT enables remote locations to be monitored and controlled from a centralised point. By providing a more efficient way of monitoring these dispersed locations brings[..]

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Powering sensors in emerging smart cities

Posted by Posted by Denis Pasero, Product Manager on 15th June 2016

Continuous improvement is at the heart of the concept of a Smart City. One of the barriers to improvement in the past has been to get enough data from a wide variety of places to show a comprehensive view of[..]

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Ilika transforming the battery space for IoT

Posted by Graeme Purdy on 26th April 2016

Ilika has been pioneering materials for electronic and energy based applications for over a decade. During that time, we have worked with some of the world’s leading manufacturing companies to accelerate the development of new products and embedded[..]

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Solid state battery innovation opening up IoT innovation

Posted by Denis Pasero, Product Manager on 26th April 2016

Today Ilika announced the first product in the Stereax™ family of solid state batteries. This opens up two main areas – it brings the benefits of solid state batteries to a wide range of devices and it opens up[..]

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