Ilika invents, tests and selects materials in the laboratory that can be scaled-up for everyday commercial use.

Ilika's unique process is far quicker and more efficient than traditional materials discovery processes. Ilika uses high-throughput, or combinatorial, techniques which involve the rapid synthesis of a large number of different structurally-related materials in a few automated steps.

Ilika focuses on three sectors:


Where Ilika assesses materials for their greater capacity for energy storage and conversion efficiency, for example in batteries.


Where materials created by Ilika rapidly improve the performance and efficiency of a range of electronic components, such as digital memory devices and sensors.


Where Ilika has developed an extensive library of bio-functional materials specifically designed to promote or deter cell binding, enrich specific cell types from diverse populations and promote cell growth on tailored surfaces.

Ilika's proposition is all about speed and efficiency: speed of materials discovery, enabling rapid commercialisation and efficient production.

Ilika is involved in the development of materials for large, global markets addressing clear societal needs.