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Tuneable Dielectrics

Improved Dielectric Thin Film Materials with High Voltage Tunability


A worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of passive electronic components, communication modules and power supply modules, has worked together with Ilika to deliver improved tunable dielectric thin film materials using Ilika’s high throughput synthesis and screening technology platform.

The component manufacturer approached Ilika with requirements for investigation of low loss dielectric materials, which can be tuned by dc bias voltages for use in electronic components such as tunable filters and other RF front-end applications.

The rapidly growing consumer electronics market is driving the need for capacitors with improved performance for use as components in consumer electronic devices and other demanding applications.  Better performance of such electronic devices offers minimal change in capacitance at operating voltages with reference to ambient temperature combined with improvement of other characteristics, resulting in reduction of parts count, board space and power consumption for electronic devices such as smart phones etc.


Working together, Ilika and the manufacturer investigated new class of dielectric materials with high voltage tunability and low dielectric loss to deliver the necessary improved performance suitable for certain electronic components.

Using Ilika’s High Throughput Physical Vapour Deposition (HT-PVD) platform, the project included a high throughput study of four selected dopants in eight combinations for an anion-controlled perovskite material system, carrying out 1,037,232 measurements on 7056 distinct materials in 6 months. During the project, three families of materials were identified with increased bias stability, lower dielectric loss and with enhanced capacitance density in comparison with the conventional perovskite dielectric oxides.

The high throughput approach highlighted the composition of the material with the optimal dielectric properties.

Scientific Details:

An overview of this work was presented at the 1st International Symposium on Anion-controlled New Inorganic Materials (ANIM1) as part of E-MRS in Strasbourg in 2013 and further details can be found in the following paper, which is available to subscribers of the ACS Publications website: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/cg401259r

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