Stereax M50/M300 Benefits

  • Dedicated to the needs of next-generation, disruptive MedTech designers of medical implantables and small wearable devices
  • Ultra-thin form factor, M50 is as low as 150 microns, M300 is less than 1 mm
  • Miniature footprint, 3.6 mm x 5.6 mm
  • Stackable for increased energy density (M300 is the 6-stack version of M50)
  • Customisable shape and size: Tell us which size and performance you need
  • High capacity: M50 is 50µAh, M300 is 300µAh
  • All solid-state construction, no leakage of toxic liquid
  • Fast charge (a few minutes)
  • High cycle count (1000s cycles, depending on DoD)
  • Long shelf life
  • Combine in various formats to increase energy to mAh level


The mm-scale, stackable family of solid state batteries are exemplified by single cell Stereax M50, 50µAh and only 150 µm thick; and Stereax M300, a 6-stack version of the M50, still less than 1 mm thick and 300 µAh. Stereax M50/300 are Ilika’s first solid state batteries designed specifically for the needs of MedTech: more specifically disruptive designers of next generation implantables (stimulation, back-up for leadless pacemakers, implanted sensors) or small wearables (contact lenses, orthodontics). The M50/300 is Ilika's smallest form factor solid state battery to date. Stereax is customisable to a wide range of shapes and sizes, responding to the energy density and cost constraints of the target application. Devices implanted using our safe technology benefit from long battery life, further enhanced if energy harvesting is available from the body movements such as heart beats or lung movements - or simply charged wirelessly. 

Stereax M50 and Stereax M300 available Q1 2021

Micro, SSB Stereax M50 video