The IoT low power electronics ecosystem is here… we are part of it!

Ultra-low power solutions are available now for power management, communications (BLE, LoRAWAN, NB-IoT…), sensors, energy harvesting...

Our engineers can help you select the appropriate batteries for your solution.

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Talk to our team if your device needs a power solution in order to:

  • Drive communications protocols such as BlueTooth Low Energy, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, MedRadio...
  • Use energy harvesting to increase your product's life
  • Operate at high and low temperatures
  • Lower leakage current


Ilika has developed demonstrators that show its Stereax solid state batteries powering a range of sensors and wireless devices, including: 

Perpetual Beacon for Smart Homes

This demonstrates the ability of the Stereax M250 solid state battery to power a real device within the Internet of Things. This device is an autonomous sensing device of minimal size which measures temperature data at regular intervals and transmits the data using Bluetooth Low Energy to an app. The app displays temperature information and the battery’s charge state, plus indicates if heating needs to be started or stopped. This very small device replicates sensors for Smart Homes, where the data could also be sent to a hub for automated control.

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Deployment projects

  • Horizon 2020 "AMANDA" project: The project objective is to use a combination of Stereax batteries and photovoltaic cells from Lightricity to power a smart sensing card with multi-sensing capabilities covering imaging, CO2 sensing and temperature measurement. In addition, the card will be designed with security features to ensure low vulnerability, user and device authentication, intrusion prevention and detection and overall enhanced cyber-secure operation. The device will be designed for deployment in smart cities (air quality management), smart homes (indoor air quality and comfort), smart work places (indoor comfort, occupancy and productivity) and industrial environments (HSE monitoring during inspection activities).
  • Innovate UK funded "PETS" program : In this 18-month project, self-powered sensors for monitoring key parameters affecting the performance of the railway infrastructure (load, temperature, shock) will be developed, deployed, tested and evaluated. The sensors will combine Ilika's Stereax solid state battery technology and SCT’s novel ultra-low power sensor platform, and will be wirelessly connected to Network Rail's existing condition monitoring platform. The self-powered sensors will be maintenance free and will generate data 24/7, 365 days per year.

  • Innovate UK funded "SmartBLADE" program has just ended: The primary objective of this project was to develop an integrated smart sensor powered by a combined vibration harvester and a Stereax battery, to be incorporated into the composite structure of wind turbine blades. Read more about the findings of this project and results of field trial at the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult here.