Which Solid State Battery (SSB) technology best suits your application?

Battery Technology Power Identifying characteristics Ideal for…..
Micro, mm-scale SSB 50µAh, Stereax® M50 and 6-stack version M300, 300 µAh and 6-stack version M300, 300 µAh

50/300µAh, 3.5V
  • mm-scale
  • Ultra-thin
  • Stackable
Next generation MedTech, back-up electronics
Ultra-thin, cm scale SSB 250µAh, Stereax® M250250µAh, 3.5V
  • All-solid state construction
  • Long life
  • Fast charging
IoT sensors for smart homes and smart cities
High temperature, cm scale SSB 180µAh, Stereax® P180180µAh, 3.5V
  • +150°C operation
  • High current pulses
  • 1mm thick
  • Does not outgas
Sensors for Industrial IoT and calibration wafers
Wh level, large SSB cells and pouches, GoliathWh level
  • Non-flammable
  • Fast charge rate
  • High energy density
Electric vehicles, aerospace, stationary power

If you have a product or an application in mind that requires a solid state battery, but it doesn't appear on the list above, please contact us to discuss further, info@ilika.com