Energy density is key to enabling small form factor wireless devices. Battery and energy harvesting technology are seen as key challenges that need to be addressed to enable the full potential of IoT to be unlocked.

Wireless nodes are made up of a combination of sensors (e.g. heat, humidity, pressure, vibration, etc.), plus a wireless transmitter, a form of energy harvesting and an energy buffer. Being able to power small devices safely for the duration of the device’s life helps to reduce installation and maintenance of those devices, making them more attractive to a larger range of users. Users want to be able to fit the devices themselves and forget about them without having to do regular battery checking and changing.

Ilika’s solid state batteries have unique features which enables them to act as energy buffer in autonomous sensor devices in the following IoT sectors, where small size, long life, biocompatibility and performance at high temperatures are key. Ilika is now licensing its battery technology IP to partners for IoT sensors.