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Solid State Batteries for Automotive Applications

Autonomous or smart transportation has gone from being a concept to a fast-evolving reality in the space of just a few years. Studies predict a very high growth rate in the deployment of technologies in automotive applications, examples being: 

All aspects of the transportation system will be touched by these dramatic developments, not just cars, but also buses, parking systems, planes, trains, traffic management, trucks and, of course, all important safety systems. New devices are therefore now universally seen as key to enabling Smart Transportation. 

Modern cars already have up to 100 sensors and, with increased use of wireless systems such as Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi & Cellular, more and more devices with added functionality are being developed.   But such devices will often need new power sources in order to operate autonomously for long periods of time (circa 10 years).   This is all the more important as cabling is now the third heaviest component (behind chassis and engine), averaging 100kg (Automotive Sensors, 2017).

The enabling technology for deploying increased sensor numbers is distributed energy storage using Solid State Batteries (SSB) such as Ilika’s Stereax®.

Automotive Devices enhanced by Solid State Batteries

Use case: tyre pressure monitoring system

Typical system specifications:

Transmission rate

10 Hz


Battery dimensions


Average consumption

130 μA


Operation when car is not on

2 h

UHF transmission

250 μW


Operating temperature

-40° to 100°C

Stereax SSB capacity

250 μAh


Energy source


Battery expected life

10 years




Autonomous Vehicles / Smart Mobility

It is predicted that there will be 10 Million Autonomous cars on the road by 2020 (BI Intelligence 2016).   This will result in a dramatic increase in the number of sensors per vehicle in order to ensure the vehicle:

Battery Requirements for Smart Vehicles


Stereax Advantages for Automotive Devices

Figure 1: Graphic representation of 250 μAh Stereax M250 solid state battery. 

Figure 2: Photographic picture of 250 μAh Stereax M250 solid state battery. 

Stereax® M250

Stereax® P180

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