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Battery Technology



Ilika licenses its technology for the manufacture of its Stereax® solid state battery. Below is a summary of Ilika’s approach to entering into licence agreements, but please talk to Ilika to discuss your specific requirements.

R&D license to create custom samples based on the Stereax® technology

An OEM may want to engage with Ilika so that we tailor our technology to meet a specific capacity and/or form factor. Ilika offers an R&D license under which we customize our technology and deliver samples to the OEM. This engagement is ideal when an OEM is looking to create prototypes or a proof of concept for their application. License fees are based on the required development, number of samples and whether the customer is seeking to acquire rights to the technology created.

Stereax® IP manufacturing license

For OEM/manufacturers looking to produce Stereax® batteries, Ilika offers a comprehensive IP and technology portfolio, as well as services to transfer its

The license includes:

The commercial components of the manufacturing licenses are:

Manufacturing license parts list



Battery Technology

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