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Battery Technology


Ilika’s on-going programme of solid state battery development and materials innovation is building its Stereax® family of products for a very wide range of applications. For details of current products, please click on the icons below – or talk to Ilika today. The capabilities of the current products make them particularly suitable for licencing for applications such as: 

Stereax® M250 Stereax® M250
Typical Applications
Stereax Model M250Operating temp. -20°C to +100°C, active area 100 mm², less than 750 μm thick, 5 mA peak current.
Smart buildingsEnvironment sensors for temperature, light level, HVAC, etc. and proximity sensors.
AutomotiveRain sensors, environmental sensors (cabin temperature control, HVAC, or seat comfort), light impact crash detection, key fob replacement.
MedicalSmart patches (chemical sensor from sweat or skin), drug delivery control (ensure patients take medicine).
AgricultureAsset and livestock monitoring, chemical sensing, temperature and moisture in soil in fields or greenhouses.
Stereax® P180 Stereax® P180
Typical Applications
Stereax Model P180Operating temp. -40°C to +150°C, <1 mm thick (1/5th volume of coin cell), 3.6 mA peak current.
Industry 4.0Machine data collection and preventive maintenance, asset tracking and management, drilling sensors, back-up batteries, real-time clocks
AutomotiveTyre pressure monitoring systems, battery pack temperature control, powertrain fluid temperature and emission control at catalyst.
InfrastructurePipeline monitoring, structural monitoring of bridges.
AerospaceEngine, exhaust and tyre sensors.

Battery Technology

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