Ilika’s Stereax® technology is the first solid state battery bridging the gap between the IoT space and Electric Vehicles. The Stereax® IP technology offers compelling advantages over conventional lithium ion batteries, including: smaller footprint for IoT sensors, energy dense large format EV cells, faster charging, longer life span, low leakage and reduced flammability .

  • The Ilika Stereax® roadmap focuses on four main battery requirements: miniaturisation, capacity in a small footprint, increased performance and high capacity for EVs.
  • The miniaturization roadmap (M250, M50) looks at increasingly smaller footprints and smaller currents (μA), making them ideal for small sensor driven devices developed in MedTech.
  • The capacity roadmap (high-energy) increases the amount of energy for a given active footprint by utilizing Ilika’s patented stacking feature, which allows multiple cells to be stacked on top of one another.
  • The performance roadmap (P180) focuses on higher energy density solutions that have additional requirements such as extended temperature range support for applications in Industrial IOT.
  • The large format roadmap (Goliath) develops energy dense, safe cells for electric vehicles and stationary power.