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Industry 4.0 (or the Industrial Internet of Things) is changing the way industry works with a connected ecosystem of IoT devices working autonomously to provide real-time data. These changes will affect all areas of the factory and supply chain enabling companies to improve operational efficiency.

Smart sensors, either on new or retro fitted onto existing equipment, throughout the factory will gather data on such things like traceability of product, job delays and tools used.

Analysing this data allows companies to make the necessary changes to improve the effectiveness of their processes.

However, whilst some will be tethered, many will be mobile requiring autonomous powering and the right battery technology is critical.  Setting up a super-efficient factory only to find there’s no data because the sensor powered down due to a flat battery negates the benefit. Constantly changing the batteries not only has a negative environmental and cost impact but can also be difficult for those in hard to reach places.

We discuss these challenges and the benefits of using Solid State Batteries in Industry 4.0 with Meggitt and IBM.