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Ilika announces significant improvement in the power capability of its Stereax® M250 cells.

In 2016, Ilika launched the Stereax® M250, the first of its family of solid-state batteries for powering autonomous wireless sensors. The Stereax® M250 is a thin (0.7 mm) solid-state battery with 250 uAh capacity and 5 mA peak current sufficient to power wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth® Low Energy.

Now, the rate capability, which is the ability to provide even higher peak and continuous currents, has been improved through the optimisation of the manufacturing process. An increased continuous current of 20C (meaning the entire cell can be charged or discharged in three minutes) has been recorded with good cycle life. This is twice the previously qualified continuous current for this battery and 10 times the maximum continuous current typically specified for conventional lithium ion batteries. This means that the improved Stereax® M250 can now provide higher power and support greater functionality to autonomous sensors such as providing power for longer range communications protocols like LoRaWANTM.