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Event Name:HiTEN 2019
Ilika at the show:Dr. Denis Pasero, Product Commercialisation Manager will give an oral presentation "Miniature Power Sources for High Temperature Industrial Sensors" at 11:15 am on Monday 8th July 2019
Date:8th Jul 2019 - 10th Jul 2019
Location:St. Anne’s College in the University of Oxford Oxford, United Kingdom

What iMAPS say: "The objective of the HiTEN Conference is to have a unique forum that brings together researchers and practitioners in academia and industry from all over the world. All styles of practical high temperature electronics design and implementation approaches are encouraged, along with a variety of high temperature application areas. Today the main semiconductor focus of HITEN is silicon and silicon on insulator (SOI). Although, HITEN is not simply a semiconductor focused network. HITEN provides a conduit for the exchange and dissemination of information on all aspects of high temperature electronics. It is a global network with users, suppliers, developers and fundamental researchers dealing in all aspects of High Temperature Electronics."