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lika Technologies, a global leader in high throughput materials discovery has created a new company, Altrika Ltd. focussing on the need for novel materials in the biomedical market. The company will continue to take advantage of the High Throughput materials synthesis and screening platforms used by its parent company Ilika to extend its materials IP portfolio.

“We are delighted that the success of our biomedical business has allowed us to create Altrika,” stated Ilika CEO, Graeme Purdy, who will be also assuming the same position at Altrika.

“The rapidly growing medical device and biotech industries provide a tremendous opportunity to build a strong and capable business providing the truly novel materials to these markets. Making these markets the sole focus of Altrika’s activities will allow it to respond to the dynamic needs of the industry even more effectively.”

Altrika will focus on specific areas of the medtech field, including wound care, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, cardiology, blood filtration and life science research and focus on the specific needs of the next generation of products for these markets. This will be done through both in-house development and programmes undertaken in collaboration with some of the world’s leading medtech companies.