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Event Name:PwrSoC21, Philadelphia
Ilika at the show:Denis Pasero, Product Commercialisation Manager, will give an oral presentation "Micro Solid State Batteries Enabling Medical Devices and IOT"
Date:24th Oct 2021 - 27th Oct 2021
Location:University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

What the organisers say:" The Workshop is the leading international forum for the discussion of the challenges and opportunities in technology, business, and supply chain, intent on advancing the miniaturization and integration of power conversion and power management solutions. The Workshop features presentation and dialog sessions of advanced technologies with global academic and industry experts aimed at miniaturizing power management solutions through system architecture, circuits and topology, packaging, and passive components. The value of workshop has always been recognized as an event that brings together global academic and industry experts to formally and informally discuss issues to advance and commercialize power supply on chip technologies. The Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) and IEEE Power Electronics Society (IEEE PELS) are joint sponsors for the Workshop.