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The last year has been very busy for Ilika and its Stereax® solid state battery technology. Last April we launched the first implementation of Stereax®, the Stereax® M250 a micro solid state battery technology designed to enable energy efficient, small size IoT devices. 

Today, we launch the second family member, the Stereax® P180, designed for energy efficient devices operating in extended temperature ranges. The Stereax® P180 will function in temperatures from as low as –40DegC to as high as 150DegC. Solid state batteries bring a range of benefits including increased energy density, longer lifespan and lower leakage current compared to standard coin cells. Stereax® P180 is the first solid state battery technology design to support extended temperature ranges to address the battery needs of more hostile environments. With this product we open up the range of end use cases to benefit from Stereax® technology to include Industrial IoT, Automotive, Infrastructure and Aerospace.

Stereax® is gaining momentum in a wide range of end use cases. For example, battery technology is key to enabling bioelectronic devices. The process of making medical devices smart requires bio-compatible components that include the battery. In March this year we announced a collaboration between Ilika and a bioelectronics company to develop solid state batteries for miniature medical implants. Last December we announced a collaboration with Sharp to integrate Stereax® technology with Sharp’s innovative photovoltaic devices.

Stereax® Technology platform is an IP portfolio of material, processes and know-how licensable by OEMs and manufacturers, enabling them to include market leading battery technology as part of their products. Patents are important to Ilika and this year Stereax® technology has been granted patents in both the US and China. Ilika has also seen an increased investment of $8 million in the company to further progress the commercialisation and development of Stereax®. 

Combined together, these show the increased momentum behind the development and adoption of Stereax® technologies and we look forward to the next 12 months.