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Wireless Medical Devices: The Future of Healthcare Technology

The benefits of advancements in wireless medical technologies are well documented. The U.S Department of Health and Human Services and the World Health Organisation have written extensively on MedTech and the modernisation of health services, citing studies which detail the utility of these new technologies. According to recent reports, moves towards MedTech are becoming increasingly popular.

With the addition of wireless medical devices, patients can move more freely without being constrained by a series of wires keeping the patient immobile. Doctors also find their work to be easier as they can remotely monitor patients’ vital statistics including heartrate, body temperature and blood pressure. Doctors can adjust the provision of medication remotely as well, changing inputs according to the patient’s needs.

These technologies can have a huge effect on quality of care and the means by which we receive that care. Faster real-time analysis of patients leads to faster response times if a patient requires attention, and that could save lives. Consumer enablement is beneficial for all parties.

These small wireless devices need to be functional 24 hours a day, which requires a reliable miniature power source for each device that is long-lasting and non-intrusive for the patient. To find out more, we discuss the latest trends in wireless healthcare technologies with ARM