Benefits of Ilika’s high throughput accelerated materials innovation

Ilika’s international work has shown that innovative companies face the same R&D business challenges around the world. Our approach is to work with businesses on a long-term basis to address the core challenges affecting R&D intensive companies.

We can therefore help to:

  • Increase R&D return on Investment and IP value.
  • Reduce time to market.
  • Reduce business and technical risk.
  • Enable more new products to be developed.
  • Enable product performance to be optimised.
  • Enable new markets to be entered.

Reduced Time to Market

Key to increasing return on R&D investment is reducing time to market. Not only does this usually increase earnings and lower expenditure, it also creates opportunities for bringing more new products to market than would otherwise have been possible. In legacy materials research projects, the innovation cycle for new materials development is often 7-10 years. However, Ilika’s high throughput collaborative approach shortens lab-scale development time and generates selected candidate materials for targeted scale-up.

Ilika’s methodologies are thus up to 100 times faster than legacy systems. For example, below is a summary of an electronic memory product development:

Enhanced IP value

The value of an entire company or its key product lines is often strongly influenced by the value of its IP. Ilika enhances client IP value through systematic data creation and by generating an unparalleled density of data for robust patent filing.

Materials Innovation Technologies

It was its patented materials innovation technology that resulted in the founding of Ilika as a company and this technology has since been significantly enhanced to include a wide range of capabilities and internationally recognised areas of expertise. Ilika’s core materials innovation technologies are:

  • Combinatorial materials synthesis
  • High throughput characterisation and screening
  • Data handling and informatics

For more details and to explore how your organisation could work with Ilika, please contact us: