Contract research

  • Access to Ilika’s unique capabilities and scientific creativity.
  • Defined work schedule.
  • Project funded by client.
  • New material IP owned by client.

Joint development project

  • Access to Ilika’s unique capabilities and scientific creativity.
  • Flexible work schedule.
  • Project jointly funded by client and Ilika.
  • New material IP ownership shared between client and Ilika.

Material licensing and product sales

  • Access to Ilika’s high value patent portfolio.
  • Opportunities to commercialize materials that address unmet needs.
  • Client has new possibilities to be first to market.
  • Project funded by client.

These services include Ilika’s proven, world class capabilities:

High Throughput Synthesis, Characterisation and Screening

This significantly expands the range of potential new materials with specified characteristics available to clients, ensuring a much closer alignment with their objectives.

Systematic data creation

By creating an unparalleled density of data, Ilika enables robust patents to be filed and thus increasing IP value.

Produce IP landscape

This enables Ilika to target areas with the minimum infringement potential and to fully define the surrounding area for protection.

IP licensing

Ilika has an IP portfolio IP relating to Hydrogen Storage, Pt-lean & Pt-free Fuel Cell catalysts, Lithium ion and solid-state lithium battery materials available for licensing.