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Record Energy Density Achieved for Stereax

7th November 2018

Ilika announces it has achieved the highest energy density* to date for its Stereax thin film solid state cells.

Since December 2016, Ilika has been collaborating with Lightricity Ltd (“Lightricity”), the ex-Sharp Laboratories of Europe, for the development of an ultra-thin, perpetual IoT power pack combining Lightricity’s photovoltaic cells and Ilika’s solid state battery technology. During this project, Ilika has optimised the architecture, materials and patterning techniques to yield a battery with improved energy density. The latest batch of prototypes has yielded an energy density more than 3 times that of Ilika’s current Stereaxâ M250, with a similar footprint. The capacity of the batteries approaches 1 mAh when cycled at the C/4 cycling rate relevant for the use case, which is a record for Stereax®.

The combination of this prototype battery with Lightricity’s solar cells will enable the design and construction of a compact, autonomous power pack which can provide power to all types of IoT wireless edge nodes and sensors for applications in smart buildings, smart vehicles, smart labelling and asset tracking.

The achievement of this record energy density for Stereax demonstrates the market leading products and processes Ilika can deliver. It further illustrates the competitive edge the Company currently has within the solid-state battery industry.

* Energy density is the amount of energy stored per unit volume


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