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Wind Turbine Monitoring

Posted by Denis Pasero, Product Commercialisation Manager on 13th March 2018

Wind turbines are now a common sight however increasing operation and maintenance costs threaten to prevent further growth. For wind energy use to be economically viable, finding a means to reduce running costs is key. 

Ilika, Chester University and Titan Wind Energy are working together to develop an integrated smart sensor powered by a combined vibration harvester and a Stereax solid state battery, to be incorporated into the composite structure of the wind turbine blade. With their ability to withstand hostile environments, these beacon sensors will monitor of the wind turbine blades whilst also harvesting energy themselves.

However, these smart sensors are not just limited to wind turbines. The low weight, long life aspect of these devices means they can be used in a variety of areas from aircraft to automotive.

Find out more as we discuss with Chester University.


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