The automotive industry is rapidly changing with vehicles becoming smarter and pressure on manufacturers to produce better electric vehicles with greater range and quicker charging time. At Ilika, we’re manufacturing small Stereax solid state batteries for the sensors in smart vehicles (mWh level) and also developing our large format Goliath solid state batteries which will answer the challenges of the electric vehicle market (Wh-level).

Sensors placed in the tyres, exhaust and engine of smart vehicles will provide important real-time data to the driver such as the condition of these elements, possible wear, temperature etc. However with all these sensors, it’s vital that their power source doesn’t add extra weight to the vehicle as this will have a negative impact on the cars performance. A solution combining a miniature solid state battery with a vibration energy harvester could provide a long term perpetual device.

It is widely accepted that CO² emissions are a global environmental concern and that electric vehicles will help reduce this. However, fear of too short driving range and long charging time are making people hesitant to convert to one. Ilika is developing high energy density, rapid charging and safe solid state batteries in our 'Goliath' project.