Industrial IoT, or Industry 4.0, is the interconnection of machines, services and people with sensor end nodes monitoring the condition of assets. The real-time data enables remote engineers to manage critical processes and condition monitoring programs preventing costly downtime or equipment failure. The condition monitoring of assets is key in industries like manufacturing, oil and gas and infrastructure, however the sensors collecting the data will only work if they have the right power. If that goes, the smart factory will no longer be smart. Cabling is impractical so battery power needs to cope with hostile environments where temperatures can be up to 150°C and humid. It also needs to work with the vibration of machines whilst being reliable and long lasting.

At Ilika we know that one size doesn’t fit all, so our solid-state batteries are customisable whilst still addressing the needs of Industrial IoT. Find out more about the challenges in individual markets and how Stereax meets them.

Using Stereax Batteries with a PMIC

Solid state batteries provide a breakthrough capability that enables a new breed of products. In this technical application note we look at using our Stereax micro batteries with a Power Management Integrated Circuit. Read more...