The medical sector is changing to embrace the inter-connectivity of the Internet of Things for more proactive patient health management. The rapid development of sensing devices for Wireless Body Area Networks is opening opportunities for continuous health monitoring in the patient’s home or place of care provision. As these sensors become increasingly energy-efficient they are also becoming increasingly miniature enabling them to be placed in implantable or on-the body devices including neurostimulators, leadless pacemakers, smart contact lenses and pulmonary blood pressure monitors. These devices need a miniature power source that is wireless, safe and with high energy density.

Find out more about the specific challenges facing these innovative applications and how Stereax solid-state batteries address them.

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How do Solid State Batteries Power Smart Contact Lenses?

Smart contact lenses are not only for people with vision problems but could also be used in other areas. The method of powering them must not be intrusive to the wearer whilst still enabling the lens to retain its functionality. How do solid state batteries power smart contact lenses effectively. Read more...