Sensors are increasingly being used in smart cities, smart buildings and the military and the aerospace industry as they become more connected in the digital age. These smart sensors allow the individual elements of a smart city connect and create intelligent infrastructure, providing real-time data to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. In the aerospace industry, sensors are also being used to provide real-time data which engineers can use for predictive maintenance and prevent costly downtime and asset failure. Sensors have become a key element of military systems, being used in drones, vehicles, satellites, missiles and rockets.

Within all these industries, power needs to be wireless, long lasting, capable of operating at high temperatures and where there are vibrations, moisture and dust, whilst also being small enough to be used in hard to reach locations.

Our range of Stereax solid state batteries address the challenges in these industries and are customisable in shape and form. Find out more about the benefits they offer in these industries.