Ilika’s primary commercialisation strategy is to enter into joint development or licensing agreements with large multinational companies seeking to commercialise products developed using the intellectual property created through jointly funded programmes.

The company focuses its efforts on those industrial partnerships where a consumer need has been identified and an addressable market in excess of $1 billion is expected to exist. Ilika aims to exploit the huge opportunities unlocked by having its materials integrated into market-leading commercial products sold worldwide.

Commercialisation partners include large blue-chip multinational companies in the energy and electronics sectors such as Toyota, Shell, Murata, Applied Materials, Toshiba, NXP, Sigma Aldrich, Johnson Matthey and CeramTec. Ilika generates revenues from two sources: licensing and milestone payments from joint development programmes and fees for services from contract research projects.

By working in collaboration with experienced partners, Ilika can reduce business and technical risk and ensure the fastest route to market introduction.