Goliath Solid State Batteries

Goliath is Ilika's Wh-level solid state battery technology for electric vehicles and cordless consumer electronics. Our cells are composed of an oxide solid electrolyte and a silicon anode which provide safety benefits in manufacture, storage and use. They can operate to higher temperatures than lithium ion, enabling a less complex battery management system and resulting in a safer solution with higher cell to pack ratio, lighter vehicles, higher energy and power density, extended range and fast charging.


Goliath Lead Partner Program

At Ilika we are looking to build our consortium of global expertise. If you're an OEM or Tier 1 manufacturer, we invite you to join our Lead Partnership Program:

  • Early insights into our development progress
  • Access to physical prototypes
  • Ability to influence cell specifications
  • Option to license the developed technology and IP

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Road to Manufacturing

In parallel to our R&D road map, we are already preparing for scale-up. Our plan is to first scale-up to MWh scale, in Ilika's pilot facility, before eventually licensing our technology for Giga scale production.

Using funding from APC's Automotive Transformation Fund, we worked with Comau to validate the use of existing technologies and machines in the scale-up of Goliath batteries (SOLSTICE). This was confirmed by a second study with the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (BUS100) and followed by physical trials of conventional lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment with Ilika's materials (STEP). Ilika is currently collaborating with UKBIC in more equipment trials and working with Mpac on the manufacture of an assembly line specific to SSB (SiSTEM).

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