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Ilika plc (LON: IKA) has world class expertise in accelerated materials innovation, including in the automotive, aeronautical and electronic components sectors. Global brands such as Rolls-Royce and Toyota have long-term collaborations with Ilika. High throughput technology enables functional materials to be made, characterised and tested up to 100 times faster than traditional techniques. Robust datasets enhance intellectual property value, optimise product performance and reduce time to market, thereby maximising return on R&D investment.

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Stereax® Battery Technology

Miniaturised batteries are a critical enabler to current and emergent technologies, including wearables, medical devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). Ilika has been a solid state battery technology innovator since 2008 and offers its Stereax® technology to companies who need energy efficient batteries. These are very small footprint, energy dense batteries, with distinct benefits over lithium ion batteries. Instead of a liquid or polymer electrolyte, Ilika’s patented technology uses a ceramic ion conductor. This provides many benefits, including faster to charge and offering up to 10 years’ life span because of their very low leakage currents. They are non-flammable and can be integrated into Integrated Circuit components to reduce end device size. When paired with an energy harvester, they can provide a truly fit-for-life performance.

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Miniature Batteries for MedTech

6th November 2018

Solid State Batteries for Electric Vehicles

22nd October 2018

Stereax Road map

8th October 2018

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The 2nd Medical Battery Conference

The 2nd Medical Battery Conference

19th Nov 2018 - 20th Nov 2018

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