Ilika Plc and Toyota Extend Partnership

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Ilika Technologies Ltd, the company specializing in the application of high throughput methods to accelerate the development of novel materials, has announced that Toyota Motor Company has extended a collaboration into 2010 which was initially started in February 2008.

The collaboration is focused on the development of improved materials for next-generation lithium ion batteries for use in electric and hybrid vehicles. The design of rapidly charging batteries with high energy densities is a key part of Toyota’s technology program, Global Vision 2020,

“Open the Frontiers of Tomorrow”. Materials innovation is a central element of that program.

Mr Okajima, Manager at Toyota’s Frontier & Advanced Engineering Strategy Dept., stated,

“Ilika’s high throughput techniques for materials synthesis and screening are unique in the world. In particular, Ilika has demonstrated that its technology is very effective for the rapid assessment of materials important for use in improved batteries. The team at Ilika has consistently delivered technical results of the highest standard and has made a clear contribution to our technology development program. We are very excited about the milestones met to date and look forward to further innovation going forward.”

“Our association with Toyota is proving to be very productive and we continue to be excited about making a significant contribution to the development of Toyota’s state-of-the-art low carbon vehicles”, stated Graeme Purdy, Ilika’s CEO. “I am proud that the World No. 1 auto-maker and its world class scientists have selected Ilika to be their partner in this development.”